Source: CVDaily Feed

Once again plans are underway for a major development in the Powder Mountain area. Tuesday night Russ Watts, head of the development team for the Summit Group, met with members of the Cache County Council.

Watts told the council an agreement has been finalized with Weber County and the area referred to as Mid Mountain is where Cache County would have tax-producing possibilities.

“The value that comes (is that) we can streamline the approval process, inspections and all that, not come through your approval process for the 15 cabin sites and three lots,” Watts said. “We’ll put that all on Weber County so you don’t have to worry about those services from your county”

Watts also said that if Cache County can release those processes to Weber County control, other benefits will come to Cache County.

“Hopefully you’re a good neighbor so if you do that then, when it comes to the commercial stuff down on Mid Mountain, all of that ends up in Cache County.”

The discussion led to differences on inter-local agreements and boundary line adjustments. Other meetings are expected to be scheduled in the future.

A recent article about the Summit Group and their plans for Powder Mountain was published in the January edition of Forbes Magazine.