LOGAN — Logan City police officers arrested two men accused of breaking into a home and stealing more than $5,000 in valuables in May. Tyson M. Hurst and Zachariah J. Miller were booked into the Cache County Jail Friday night, where they are being temporarily held without bail.

Jail records show Hurst, a 35-year-old Logan man, and Miller, a 23-year-old North Logan man, were booked on multiple felonies for theft, burglary of a dwelling, conspiracy and other possible offences.

According to an arrest report, police claim Miller and Hurst arrived at the dwelling by automobile on May 26. Hurst allegedly gained entry into the home by breaking a rear kitchen window and climbing inside. He then unlocked the front door for Miller.

Once inside, the two men allegedly ransacked the home, stealing electronics, a safe and other valuables. The items were placed inside the car before the suspects fled.

Miller is reported to have returned to the home later that day. He re-entered the dwelling and stole additional items from the alleged victim.

According to the report, video surveillance showed both Miller and Hurst pulling up to the home in the vehicle. They were seen breaking in and burglarizing the residence, placing the valuables in a trashcan that was then loaded into the vehicle.

The video also showed Miller returning later, entering the home through the front door. He then was seen leaving, carrying several items that were placed again into the same vehicle.

Police interviewed Miller and Hurst at the Logan City Police Department. Both men allegedly admitted to burglarizing the home. Miller also admitted to returning to the dwelling and stealing additional items.

Both men are expected to be arraigned in 1st District Court on formal charges this week. Hurst is already facing multiple felony and misdemeanor drug charges.


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