Source: CVDaily Feed

MILLVILLE — A paintball grenade created a bomb scare Friday morning in Millville, closing a portion of Main Street as a precaution.

Cache County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Matt Bilodeau said the grenade was first seen in the road near 650 North Main by a boy going to school. He reported seeing the device to a deputy, who was patrolling nearby school crosswalks.

“So the deputy left his post at the crosswalk, came up saw it and took a picture of it, and then backed off and cordoned off the area,” said Bilodeau. “We had somebody here who was ex-military, he looked at the pictures and said, ‘that is a grenade to me’.”

Traffic along Main Street was blocked between 550 North and 750 North as bomb squad technicians were called in.

Bilodeau said a bomb technician later arrived on the scene and determined that the device was a CO2 paintball grenade.

“We had a bomb tech come up who was going to cover it with a ballistic vest,” said Bilodeau. “He came up, looked at and identified it. It is made to look like a real grenade. It has metal outside casing.”

“From what I understand, its powered by CO2. It has a pin and spoon just like a military grade grenade. When you pull the pin and throw it, it spews paint on your opponent in a paintball situation.”

Deputies removed the device and opened the road to traffic again. They believe it may have fallen out of a vehicle and was not purposely left in the road.