Source: CVDaily Feed

NORTH LOGAN – Adam Winger will be approaching the North Logan City Council tonight with a new concept. The city’s library director has been experimenting with making different types of things available for checkout at the North Logan City Library – things like paddle boards and Nerf Guns.

But if the new program is to move forward, he needs help.

Winger sees a lot of potential with it and wants to help it expand. The problem comes with the limited staff. The unusual checkouts are limiting what the library can accomplish.

Winger said it takes 15 minutes to check out a paddle board, one of its most popular items. He doesn’t want the new program to outpace his staff’s ability.

“We can’t take away from our primary goals,” he said. “We can’t take away from our primary library services. Staffing for a library of things, paddle boards and that kind of thing, it can’t detract from what we were slated to do originally.”

The concept that will be presented by Winger? Make the program a joint effort with the Parks and Recreation Department.

What I’m going to do tonight is present a concept plan to bridge the gap between both worlds,” he said. “Make it feasible.”

The idea for the non-traditional checkout items started when a snow cone machine and a cotton candy maker was being used at library events. People who attended began asking if there was any way they could use the machines at their own parties. It made sense to Winger, who said those machines spend most of the year just sitting in a closet.

“We started looking deeper into ‘What are those things that people don’t necessarily want to own, but can find a lot of value in once or twice a year, coming to the library to use it? Is that a good use of the library?’”

The paddle boards came soon after and really got the new program moving. Winger said he never advertised anything, but word quickly spread and the library was receiving more than 15 calls a day.

“That was just unheard of,” he said. “We were just messing around checking them out, but by the end of the summer we were in full swing.”

The program is in what Winger called an “experimental stage,” but he is hoping to expand it soon.

“This year we got an outdoor movie screen and a projector,” he said. “I’m working on a sound system as well, so hopefully people will be able to check that out next year.”

Winger said the library is open to suggestions for new items to add. He said he will tailor it to the wants and needs of the North Logan community.