Source: CVDaily Feed

PROVIDENCE – Another charter school is coming to Cache Valley.

The Center for Creativity, Innovation and Discovery (CCID) will open Fall 2017 and will eventually educate up to 480 students from kindergarten to 8th grade each year. The building will be located on Spring Creek Parkway in Providence.

Melissa Shunn-Mitchell, who is on the CCID’s governing board, said the curriculum in a traditional school is determined by the district, but the CCID’s curriculum will be place based, inquiry based and discovery based.

She said that will mean less textbooks and more hands-on learning.

“With the right support, teachers have the ability to be writing their own curriculum,” she said. “I’ve done that. Other teachers on our board have done that and there’s no reason why other teachers can’t go ahead and write their own curriculum. When they are allowed to do to that they are able to individualize that to the group of students they have in their class at that time.”

Shunn-Mitchell said the CCID will be partnering with Cache Makers, a local 4-H hands-on learning group. It will also be implementing a discovery program developed at Mount Logan Middle School that will help students engage with what they read about.

“The discovery model integrates reading, writing and being out in nature,” she said. “So when they read a book and the book talks about a river and different plants and birds, they take the students out to discover what they are reading.”

According to Shunn-Mitchell, the governing board submitted a 150-page application to have the school funded by the State Charter School Board and the State Board of Education. She said both organizations listed the CCID as the number one priority to be funded.

“That’s really encouraging that what we believe to be true about how students learn and what research says the state also agrees with,” she said.

Because it is a public school enrollment is open to all, however, a lottery system will be used to determine who can attend if it reaches capacity.