Source: CVDaily Feed

The market is stable in Cache County, according to County Assessor Kathleen Howell who said after a couple of years of a declining market, “things are looking up.”

In a report to the Cache County Council on Tuesday, Howell said most of the new growth over the past year was in the commercial area.

“We have had some homes, without any question, but commercial new growth is what we are seeing,” Howell explained. “Look at what is happening out on 1000 North, and those values are just partial (you are going to see more even next year). Along with the south end, what is happening down on that end, we are seeing that commercial new growth which is really a healthy market for us.”

She told the council that when that happens, other new growth seems to follow. County Executive Lynn Lemon reminded councilmembers that the tax rate is set based on the value of new growth.