Born in 1955 in Ogden, UT, Nanette “Nan” Brown was one of four siblings, with her three older brothers David, Steve, and Ron still here to tell funny stories about her she’d likely wish they’d forget.

She grew up in a turbulent time, but always had the steady hand of her mother Mildred “Mick” to protect and guide her, sometimes pretty loudly.  Nan spent the better part of her youth having the best of times with her lifelong friend and cousin Terry, her 3 brothers, and many cousins, and many, many aunt’s.

In early 1973, Nan moved from Ogden, UT to Clarkston, UT.  She fell in love with Cache Valley, and also a tall, dark, and handsome man named Jack.

They met on a night shift at Presto products in Lewiston, in late 1973.  Nan asked Jack one evening if “all he ever did was walk around?”  He replied, “No, sometimes I walk a square.”  Thus, was born, a love that lasted 50 years.

Married in 1975, Nan and Jack had a son, and Nan became the best mother in every way which could ever matter.  Fiercely loyal to a fault, loving, and with a wit so sharp it cut to the bone, she loved being a mom.  Unable to end a conversation without telling her how proud she was of you, Nan leaves behind her loving sons, Ian and Shawn.

Friends will know her for the wisdom she would bring to a great conversation or a hard fought game of pool. Family will know her for her love and support in every possible way, and the tender kindness that hid just beneath her skeptical surface.

Nan was an excellent cook, who had mastered the art of the campfire in the same way she could tame any stove or dutch oven.  Many a family reunion was spent chatting with family, while cooking all the while, and maybe a little horse shoes in between.

Although Nan enjoyed a great mystery, an avid reader, every subject was devoured and remembered in detail.  Which explained her love of Jeopardy and her mastery of every cross-world puzzle she could get her hands on.

Nan loved her close family, and developed bonds that lasted to this day with her surviving sister-in-law’s Sonja and Karen, daughter-in-law Mary, and her grandchildren Shawnie, Cynder, Jack, and Madeline.  As well as every leaf, root, and branch of her extended family tree she had across the world, who are all beloved by her but are too many to mention here.

Whether enjoying the peace of a lifetime of weekend cookouts with Jack, or out among friends somewhere on a side road in the Valley, she enjoyed the simple things in life.

Because Nan was extraordinary in even the most mundane, she made the mundane extraordinary, and for those of us lucky enough to have loved her, she left us saddened for her loss but forever better for having known her.

Condolences and memories may be shared with the family at White Pine Funeral Home.

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