The Lyric Repertory Company kicked off its 2022 season with the farce ‘A Fox on the Fairway’ on Friday at the Caine Lyric Theatre on Center Street in downtown Logan.

LOGAN – I kind of missed the traditional slamming doors in the Lyric Repertory Company’s production of A Fox on the Fairway that opened here Friday night.

Otherwise, however, director Richie Call hilariously delivers everything you could ask for in a farce – hidden relationships, sexual hi-jinks, improbable plot twists, double entendres and physical comedy.

Did I mention loads of laughs? I should have.

A Fox on the Fairway launched the Lyric’s 2022 season with a bang. The show — a fairly recent offering from the pen of Ken Ludwig, one of the American’s theater’s most prolific playwrights – is a somewhat off-center homage to the English farces of the 1930s and 1940s. It also sends up golf, a walk in the park masquerading as a sport.

The setting is a grudge golf tournament between the Quail Valley Country Club and its arch-rival, the nearby Crouching Squirrel Golf and Racquet Club.

Newcomers Brandon Foxworth and Herb Newsome are dueling club managers and both deliver completely over-the-top performances.

Newsome, who initially looks a little light on his feet, is revealed as a serial seducer, a bad dresser and the ex-husband of Pamela, played with epic gusto by Lyric veteran Sydnee Fullmer.

After carrying a torch for Pamela for decades, Foxworth schemes to end his tournament losing streak by bringing in Justin, a ringer played winningly by young Ryan Adams.

Actors’ Equity member Brittany Deneen is Muriel, the neglected wife of Foxworth, whose antique shop just happens to up for grabs in a side-bet that the club managers have riding on the tournament.

Muriel is shopping for a “19th Century English Ming Dynasty vase.” And maybe a new husband.

Confused? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

They say that it takes a clever actress to convincingly play a dumb blonde. Enter Bailee Miner as Louise, who is Justin’s fiancée. Or maybe not.

The statuesque Ms. Miner’s performance is understated at first, then she goes into hysterics multiple times. But so does every actor on the stage. Don’t worry about it.

As is usually the case in farces, everything comes out all right before the final curtain.

Except that everybody trades wives.

Speaking of the final curtain, the curtain call is indescribable. That alone is worth the price of admission.

The Lyric Repertory Company’s season will continue with the Disney musical Freaky Friday (debuting on Friday, June 24); the August Wilson drama Fences (Friday, July 1); the comedy Into the Breeches (Friday, July 8); the one-man show FreeMan in Paris (Thursday, July 14); and the Vocso Call Spotlight Concert (Tuesday, July 19).

A Fox on the Fairway will continue to be staged at the Caine Lyric Theatre on Center Street in downtown Logan through July 29.

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