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LOGAN – One year ago Kira Anderson left her home in Concord, North Carolina to attend school at Utah State University on a two-year scholarship. She spent her freshman year studying, making friends and working at Aggie Ice Cream. When the school year ended she started her summer job at a Bear Lake resort.

Things changed for the 19-year-old student while driving through Logan Canyon July 19th. She sustained serious head injuries when her car went off the road near the summit and into some trees. She was flown to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City where she has been in the Neuro Critical Care Unit since.

Her mother Celestia Anderson flew out to be by her daughter’s side immediately. Her father Carl Anderson is anxiously waiting to arrive in Utah and see his daughter Friday.

Carl said his daughter is still unconscious and has a long road ahead, but the family has hope and has felt support in “many different ways.”

“I have a lot of family out there (in Utah),” he said. “My wife has family out there. Between family and friends in both locations it’s been a great outpouring of support and help and encouragement. I just wish we had better news to report sometimes, but things are going as well can be expected at this point. We’re just waiting it out.”

According to Carl, although Kira is still unconscious, she is showing good signs of improvement.

“They’re treating her for everything that comes up, there is nothing specifically out of the ordinary,” he said. “It’s just stuff that happens when you go through this kind of accident or procedure, but they continue to take her off more of the monitors and take her off more of the medications, except for the antibiotics. They’re progressing, but she is still unconscious at this point.”

Kira was described by her father as someone who is outgoing, personable and friendly who enjoys being around other people. USU student Amberley Wallace worked with Kira at Aggie Ice Cream and noticed those same qualities.

“She always had a smile coming into work,” Wallace said. “She loved to laugh and make it a great place to be, even when we knew it was going to be a long day working there.”

Carl said the USU staff has been very helpful and assured him they will honor Kira’s scholarship whenever she is ready to come back.

A crowdfunding website has been set up to help support Kira and her family with medical costs. Carl Anderson said it was set up by a family friend. He was uncomfortable with the idea, but said that help will be appreciated.

“It was not our first idea, there were friends here that wanted to do that,” he said. “Obviously we’re going to need some of that help.”

Donations can be made here.