Source: CVDaily Feed

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that Utah has the second worst wage gap in the country with women making a mere 67 cents for every dollar a man makes. Shannon Gardner is a manager for a local bank and decided she wasn’t going to sit idly by after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s best-selling book, “Lean In.” She formed Logan’s first Lean In Circle a few months ago and it has grown to 15 members.

“We’re not all trying to be a CEO of a company,” Gardner said. “We all have individual goals but there are similar ways to get there and everybody recognizes that.”

Gardner said the Lean In organization supports the local Circles with a wealth of educational materials, videos and inspiration.

Kristin Davis is in bank management as well and helped Gardner launch the Circle. She said the meetings aren’t just about how to shrink the wage gap and goals are unique to each member.

“They’re all individualized,” Davis said. “Some of it’s been personal goals like, time management of your day. Others have been professional goals where, ‘I am setting a goal to discuss this with my manager, it’s been a difficult situation.’ And we just talked about how we need to stand up and be accounted for.”

The group meets monthly and Gardner said men are more than welcome to join.