LOGAN — A 49-year-old Logan woman has been arrested for allegedly starting a grass fire in the Island Neighborhood Sunday night, July 7. The fire was reported by several mountain bikers near 350 East Canyon Road.     

According to an arrest report, when Logan City police and firefighters arrived on the scene, the fire was located in a rocky area between Canyon Road and Temple Boulevard. There was a lot of dry trees, grass, and fallen logs that had been burnt.

Police suspected there may have been some items in the fire, but they were too burned to tell what they were. Flames had begun spreading into the grass up the hillside before firefighters arrived and extinguished them.

Officers observed a white female cutting down through the bushes near the fire. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt over black shorts, and would not reply to law enforcement.     

Police located the woman the next day at a park a few blocks away from the fire scene. They identified her as Eska Miller Bird.

When officers asked if she started the fire the night before, Miller reportedly stated that her cigarette may have. She also said she had attempted to extinguish the flames before firefighters arrived.

According to court records, Bird has been charged previously with assault, reckless burning, disorderly conduct and lewdness. A warrant was issued for her arrest July 2, for allegedly failing to comply with a judge’s order.

Jail records show, Bird was booked Monday on suspicion of reckless burning. She is being held temporarily without bail, pending a court appearance.  

Individuals arrested and charged in complaints are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. 

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