Source: CVDaily Feed

A fireplace creates a nice atmosphere when friends or family get together, according to Logan Fire Marshal Craig Humphreys. But Humphreys also said a fireplace can only be enjoyed if safety rules are followed.

“Some of the safety features with other things to think about with our fireplaces is to have a spark screen,” Humphreys explained, “a screen to keep the sparks and embers in the fireplace where they belong.

“Then just a clear space. We should keep three feet of a clear space around wood burning stoves and fireplaces.”

Humphreys said it should be “free of combustibles, dried wood and other things that could catch on fire.”

On KVNU’s Crosstalk program Thursday, Humphreys gave some other safety tips. He also urged local residents to make sure they have working fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors.