Source: CVDaily Feed

Relieving traffic on Logan’s Main Street is the desire of many community residents and officials, but there is a limited number of north/south alternatives.

A recent study conducted by Logan City looked into the feasibility of converting from a two-way couplet system to a one-way couplet for either a portion or the entire length of the Main Street corridor.

Gary Saxton, downtown manager for the Logan Downtown Alliance, says he has seen that type of layout work very well in some cities.

“One thing I like for downtown is one of the options opens up 100 West to be more of a commercial road and allowing for more retail along 100 West, relieving some of the pressure from Main Street and opening up another corridor for retail,” Saxton says.

Saxton says the study was done because in five years Logan City will have serious gridlock on Main Street. Although the change would not be made for some time, he says the proposal will be reviewed at a public hearing sometime in June. The study has been circulated among business owners in Logan’s historic downtown district.