This artist’s rendering provided by the Hacker design studio of Portland illustrates the facade of the proposed new Logan Library as seen from the west.

LOGAN — About this time last month, the Logan Library at 255 North Main street closed, as they have been moving to a temporary location at the Logan City Service Center at 950 West 600 North that will open on January 31st.

The present building will be taken down starting next month and construction will start on a state-of-the-art three-story structure at the same site.

The project is slated for a March start.  Library director Karen Clark and assistant director Joseph Anderson, on KVNU’s For the People program last month, said the new building will be designed as a library.

“So instead of being a different building that was a Sears building and now- oh we’re going to put a library in here, so how are we going to figure out how to do this. Instead we start ‘oh this is a library, so how do we plan specifically for it,” explained Clark.

Anderson added, “With architects who have specific experience designing libraries.”

Clark said that the new building will have amenities similar to the old library and so much more.

“Well one thing we still wanted to have was a community center where collaboration and talking and laughing and getting together could still be allowed.. While still on another floor, on the third floor we’re having a quiet area for those people that need a place to research, to study, have some quiet time. So we’re now able to provide both, and we tried doing that in the library we’re in but it didn’t work well.”

She said what’s exciting is that they’ll be able to do more with their community space. Clark said they have a big room planned that will open out to a plaza for outdoor events as well.

She the new building will be more adaptable and changeable as well.  The new Logan Library is expected to be completed by the spring or summer of 2023.

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