Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Residents in Cache County will soon be able to receive emergency alerts on their smart phones. The Cache County Sheriff’s Office announced they will begin using a smart phone app called Ping4alerts! to notify the public.

Sheriff Lynn Nelson said the alerts will be sent out by Logan City Dispatch, who handles all emergencies for Cache County.

“Each individual county can control and can put out broadcast messages and stuff that are unique down to the street level, if need be,” said Nelson.

The app is free for both iOS and Android phones. There is no signing up and users do not provide any personal identification such as a phone number, street address, or email address to use the app.

Emergency alerts can include images, custom audio, video, and mobile web links.

“It actually logs your location, so as you move around, and I assume anywhere in the region or anywhere this would be active,” said Nelson. “If you cross into one of those areas and something is going on, you would then get the alert as to what’s happening, specific to your actual location.”

Nelson said more people are using smart phones and this app will become another way law enforcement can alert the public.

“We have our own little radio station there at the Sheriff’s Office at 1610 AM,” said Nelson. “Of course we have designated stations at the Radio Ranch that put out emergency broadcast information and then we have a software system at dispatch that can notify people. This just becomes one more tool in that tool-belt of ways we can help, alert the citizens to potential problems and hazards.”

The app is also being used by officials in Box Elder, Davis, Morgan, Rich and Weber Counties.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to download ping4alerts! at both the App Store or Google Play store.