Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — As the world’s athletes prepare for the 2014 Olympics in Russia, students at Adams Elementary School kicked-off their own olympic games.

The “Owl Olympics” began Monday and was planned by the school’s Literacy Coach Carla Randall.

Randall said she and other school staff, organized the “Owl Olympics” to help promote reading during the next few months.

“It was my principle who came to me and just said ‘I would like an incentive program so that the kids are motivated to want to read,’” said Randall. “Many of our students really can read but they haven’t understood the joys of reading.”

Randall said since the school’s mascot is the owl and the Olympics are coming up, they decided to combine the two and create the “Owl Olympics.”

“Every week we will celebrate every child that makes their reading goal,” said Randall. “Every month we will have an additional celebration for every student who makes their monthly goal and then we will have KVNU in our classrooms, broadcasting live with the classroom that has the highest percentage of students participating. So we really have a lot of incentives for our students to want to read.”

News Talk KVNU was invited to help kick off the program, during a school assembly Monday afternoon.

Students marched into the school’s cafeteria as “Olympic Fanfare” played over the speaker system. Classes were led by their teachers, carrying torches, made from colored tissue paper.

The students cheered and clapped as they learned that KVNU would broadcast live from the winning class room, each month.

The first winning class will be announced January 31.