LOGAN — In yet another candidate spotlight, KVNU’s For the People program last week featured candidate and interim Cache County Attorney Taylor Sorensen.

To start off, Sorensen related what he could speak of concerning Terryl Warner, the county’s director of its Office of Victim Advocacy. On March 26th, Warner voiced complaints in an open meeting to the Cache County Council.  

Among other things, she stated that she had received two threatening text messages from another county attorney candidate, Cameron Cox.

“Just to give you a brief history of what exactly happened. Ms. Warner, she received these text messages and she alerted me as her supervisor currently, as the interim county attorney.

“I advised her to take that to the county executive, and I advised her to take it to our director of personnel management, Amy Adams. From there, basically it’s her story to tell,” he explained.

Sorensen said there’s a process in place and he said he advised her to follow that policy. He said from that perspective his involvement was pretty much done.  

Sorensen was hired by the county in 2021.

“I was hired by (former Cache County Attorney) John Luthy as a civil attorney from private practice,” Sorenson explained. “I used to be practicing in Park City. And, COVID happened and I decided, ‘Hey, this is crazy, we should move closer to family’.

“And so, we moved back here next to my wife’s grandparents and next to cousins, in-laws and all the rest, so we could enjoy that social association that we weren’t getting in Salt Lake City.”

He was given the job of going through the county code and policies and try to get in compliance with state code.

Something Sorensen was able to recommend was the division of the county clerk and the county auditor. He said he was able to draft that and make a recommendation to the county.

He said it’s a move to increase transparency as the one who counts the money should not be the one spending the money.

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