CACHE COUNTY – With less than a week to go prior to the Cache County Republican Nominating Convention, the Cache County Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed the candidacy of Taylor Sorensen for County Attorney.

The endorsement of the incumbent county attorney by police and sheriffs deputies was overwhelming, according to a letter from Lyle Davis, the president of FOP Lodge #28 in Logan.

“Obviously, the selection of county attorney has a direct impact of all law enforcement professionals here in Cache (County),” Davis wrote. “With that goal in mind, a preference poll was taken as to which candidate would best serve that purpose.”

The result of that poll was that Sorensen was favored by 91 percent of the FOP’s representation, leaving challenging public defender Cameron Cox with only a 9 percent approval rating.

“I’m honored to receive this endorsement from the Cache Valley Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police,” Sorensen said in a prepared statement April 5.

“Public safety is my primary priority as county attorney,” he added. “I appreciate (the FOP’s) vote of confidence in me … as well as the good working relationship we share.”

The Fraternal Order of Police is a non-partisan group that represents 162 law enforcement officers from multiple agencies here in Cache County.

The FOP is not a traditional labor union, but rather an organization of law enforcement professionals that protects its members and takes stands that represent their best interests.

“The FOP has a good working relationship with the Cache County Attorney’s Office and wish it to remain so,” according to Davis.

“I look forward to continuing to ‘back the blue’ in my efforts as county attorney,” Sorensen pledged.

Sorensen and Cox are rivals in contention for the Cache County GOP’s nod for the post of county attorney. They will face off at the Cache County Republican Nomination Convention on April 13 at Mount Logan Middle School.

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