To the Editor:

As I write this letter, my wife is in the hospital fighting for her life against the Chinese virus. There are 2 parties responsible, 1st the communist Chinese government for engineering and release of Covid 19, designed specifically to kill those whom they consider no longer of use and a burden on their society, the old and infirm. Then they introduced it to the world. Where is the outrage of the democrat/communist party? All they do is blame Pres.Trump, why??? The Chinese communist government must be held accountable and required to make restitution to the people they have killed and the countries they have damaged.

2nd Governor Newsom and the whacko environmentalists who’s shortsighted, failed, disastrous policies and laws allowed California’s forests to become overgrown with dead and dying trees and undergrowth, a tinder box waiting for a match. The fires have filled our states (Utah and Idaho) with smoke for months, weakening my wife’s lungs, allowing the Chinese virus to gain foothold, along with thousands of others.

Where is the outrage of Gov. Herbert? Where is the outrage of Gov Little of Idaho? Who is there, who will hold California Government and the environmentalists responsible/liable for the damage they have done and the pain and suffering they have caused? They knew these fires were coming and did nothing to prevent them. Is there a lawyer with the stones to take on Gov. Newsom and the environmentalist in a class action suit? I will be the first to join.

Gov. Newsom and the environmentalist will claim global warming/climate change is the cause when in fact their ineptness has loaded the atmosphere with thousand perhaps billions of tons of co2 and other greenhouse gasses. The blame can only be placed on California’s environmental policies.

What have the democrat/communists done? Nothing but fight and blame Pres. Trump on everything he has tried to do to protect and defend this great country. Biden’s plan, wear a mask, that is it, nothing else. Enough said.

If you love this country, if you love your freedom, if you are alarmed by killing babies (abortion on demand), if you love our constitution (oh how the communists hate the 1st 3 amendments), if you want a strong country respected and feared by her enemies, if you love truth over propaganda (network tv), if the burning, looting, murdering in our cities, communities, shops and stores alarms you, if you read the communist manifesto and see it is the democrat platform, if you want walls built to keep out rapists, murders, drug cartels and terrorist, instead of built to keep in the brightest and best of us, if you don’t want your children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren in debt because of short term freebies, if when in the fight of your life you would rather have a brawler on your side instead of the debate club captain, space limits the list of things we care about, but if you are proud to be an American, please please please vote, it may be the only thing that saves this country from falling to the communists.

If you are a democrat/communist get the hell out of my country and go live in China.

Alan Campbell, Weston

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