Booking photo for Nathen Aaron LeFevre. (Courtesy: Cache County Jail)

LOGAN — A 21-year-old Hyrum has pleaded guilty to critically beating an 8-week-old baby girl. Nathen A. LeFevre was originally arrested last June and has been out of jail on bail, while his criminal case proceeded through the courts.

LeFevre participated in a virtual hearing Monday afternoon in 1st District Court, appearing by web conference. He accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to three counts of child abuse, a second-degree felony.

Cache County Deputy Attorney Griffin Hazard explained how LeFevre shook the baby girl when she apparently wouldn’t stop crying. The girl suffered multiple rib fractures, three different brain bleeds and contusions all over her body.

June 7, 2021, Cache County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to Logan Regional Hospital on a complaint of the baby covered in bruises and not acting normal. The girl had numerous large bruises over her chest, lower abdomen and jaw. She also had bruising on her bottom, consistent with being struck.

Doctors informed deputies that the child had contusions on her head and was suffering from a brain bleed. She was later flown by helicopter to Primary Children’s Hospital.

Deputies questioned LeFevre at the time of the investigation. He disclosed that he had lost his temper with the child and had shaken her,. He also stated that he had thrown the girl down after getting angry about her soiling her diaper.

The abuse occurred at a residence in Mendon and was consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

During Monday’s hearing, defense attorney Michael McGinnis explained that as part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to drop a remaining charge in the case. Attorneys for both sides also requested postponing sentencing while LeFevre undergoes a mental health evaluation.

LeFevre spoke only momentarily, telling the court he was willing to waive his rights to a fair trial, in exchange for pleading guilty to the three charges. He didn’t speak at all about what happened.

Judge Angela Fonnesbeck accepted LeFevre’s plea deal. She scheduled sentencing for Aug. 1.

As part of his pretrial release, LeFevre has been ordered not to have any contact with the victim. He could face up to 15 years in prison at sentencing.

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