Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A nine-year-old Logan girl was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery Tuesday after being bit in the face by a pit bull dog.

Logan City Police Captain Tyson Budge said the accident occurred at the girl’s grandparents’ home near 430 South Oakwood Drive. It happened shortly after the girl arrived home from school around 2:45 p.m.

The dog reportedly belonged to a cousin who was visiting for the holidays.

The family told officers, the grandfather had just taken the dog for a walk outside and was coming into the house, when it attacked the girl, biting her face multiple times. The dog then started to attack the grandfather as he tried to pull the animal off of the girl.

Budge said the victim suffered deep lacerations to her face and had three teeth knocked out. She was taken by ambulance to Logan Regional Hospital where she rushed into surgery. Doctors said luckily she didn’t have any bites to her eyes. The grandpa was reportedly unharmed by the dog.

The family claimed the pitbull had been at the grandparents’ home for several days and had not shown any aggressive behavior.

The dog is being quarantined for 10-days to be tested for diseases. Budge said he was unsure what would happen to the dog after that, stating its fate would be up to the family.