Source: CVDaily Feed

Former Logan Mayor Newel Daines passed away at his home Friday at the age of 92. He won’t be forgotten quickly according to Jay Monson, who knew Daines well and sees him as a pillar of this community, one of the greatest that he personally remembers.

Monson was a member of the Cache County Council at the time Daines was the mayor of Logan and said they worked together on many different issues. He said some people were against restoring the old court house, but Monson was on the side of Daines and he is very glad it was preserved.

“What he did inside with his own hands will forever be there,” says Monson. “He was a master craftsman. A lot of people didn’t know that he was do good with wood working and just building, as well as all his financial wizardry.

“He just was a man of many talents besides being an excellent physician and all the other things he did in his life.”

Daines was a physician by profession who specialized in Anesthesiology.