Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A North Logan man is facing one count of felony kidnapping and other misdemeanor domestic violence charges, after a judge ruled there is sufficient evidence to bind the 35-year-old, Dustin T. Wilcox, over for trial.

The ruling came Tuesday afternoon during a preliminary hearing in 1st District Court.

Wilcox was arrested on August 26, after he allegedly assaulted his estranged wife outside a Nibley home, while she was trying to retrieve the couple’s children. The victim claimed that Wilcox took her car keys, and threw her cell phone into a nearby field as she was trying to video the assault.

She testified during the hearing that as she went to retrieve the phone, the defendant pushed her to the ground and stood on her arms, preventing her from leaving. The assault lasted for over an hour.

State attorney Jacob Gordon told the court that prosecutors charged Wilcox with kidnapping because the evidence showed the victim was detained against her will.

Defense attorney Wayne Caldwell argued that he didn’t see how the case rises above unlawful detention at most. He accused prosecutors of overreaching.

During the hearing, the court was shown the cell phone video the victim recorded. Prosecutors also exhibited pictures of bruises the victim received.

Judge Kevin Allen said the evidence showed that the victim was physically restrained as she was trying to leave. He ordered Wilcox to be bound over on the charge of kidnapping, a second-degree felony, and six other misdomeanors. He set bail at $15,000, but ordered him to wear an ankle monitor and stay at least two-miles away from the victim’s home and workplace.