Source: CVDaily Feed

A school bus accident is Wayne Reese’s worst nightmare because he is the Transportation Director for the Cache County School District. He is responsible for the 130 buses that travel approximately two million miles a year.

There were five school bus accidents in six days in Cache Valley recently, but Reese said that school bus accidents are extremely rare and school districts do everything possible to prevent them.

“School buses are designed with more safety features than any vehicle on the road, from the rollover protection, the joint strength and the body of the bus, the lighting, the mirror systems, the seating.

“The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the agency that is in charge of all design features of any vehicle that travels the highways.”

On KVNU’s Crosstalk show, Reese said that agency says a school bus is much safer than walking, riding a bike or riding in a car. And he says drivers get extensive training in defensive driving, winter driving and first aid.