County Executive David N. Zook has fired back after Council Vice Chair Paul R. Borup issued an apology to his fellow council members for his conduct on April 12.

CACHE COUNTY – County Executive David N. Zook has fired back over what he is referring to as Council Vice Chair Paul R. Borup’s “non-apology.”

“Council member Borup apologized last night to his fellow council members for embarrassing them with his behavior,” Zook said Wednesday. “However, he has not apologized to our employees and citizens.”

“When he threatened me two weeks ago, he was already under investigation for another violent outburst that had occurred a few weeks prior,” Zook confided. “There have been several incidents where he has yelled, accused and abused our staff and me over the past few months.”

At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Cache County Council, Borup offered an apology to his fellow council members.

“After the last council meeting (on April 12),” he said, “I made a critical error and let my emotions get the better of me.

“It was my fault and due to my mistake, this council has experienced drama and distraction.”

With Zook absent, Borup went on to demand transparency and appropriate budget practices, then implied that Zook might be responsible for “financial shenanigans going on here.”

At the council’s April 12 meeting, Borup attempted to move funds from the county executive‘s budget to hire a policy analyst for the council.

Zook called that motion “…a personal attack against me, my office and my staff.”

Borup’s motion failed, leading to a heated exchange between Borup and Zook in the county executive’s office.

“When council member Borup entered my office and threatened me,” Zook said, “I reported the crime to the police.”

“I will continue to do what is right for the citizens of Cache County,” he pledged, “regardless of threats, intimidation or reprisals. But our staff deserve to work in a safe and comfortable workplace free from such mistreatment.”

Zook said that he called the Brigham City Police Department last week to ask them to drop the investigation into Borup’s threats against him.

“I did that in an attempt to heal the rift between us,” the county executive explained. “I have made several attempts to work toward peace with several council members … All I have received in exchange from those council members is ridicule, scorn and accusations.

“I invite Paul and any other council members who might have concerns, questions or differences of opinion to come and talk to me,” Zook added. “Let’s sit down and talk about how we can heal this rift and refocus our combined efforts on the needs of our citizens.”

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