Logan City Council candidate Keegan Garrity (third from left) shares a laugh with supporters (from left) state Sen. Chris Wilson, Cache County Executive David Zook and Cache County Council Member Paul Borup.

LOGAN – While Mayor Holly Daines is defending her endorsement of incumbent city council candidates Amy Z. Anderson and Ernesto López as business as usual, dark horse candidate Keegan Garrity acknowledges that the mayor’s statement lengthens the odds against him in the upcoming municipal election.

“With multiple members of the (city) council and the mayor joining forces to influence the outcome of this election,” Garrity explains, “I certainty feel like David going up against Goliath.

“That’s no easy task, but the overwhelming support that I’ve received throughout my campaign is keeping me going.

“(Daines’ endorsement) also serves as an indicator that not all perspectives are being represented by the current (city) administration.”

Daines endorsed Anderson and López in a Facebook post dated Oct. 4 and simultaneously invited city residents to a meet and greet event for those candidates Thursday at her home in the Cliffside neighborhood.

The mayor says that endorsing candidates is a time honored political tradition in elections ranging from national to local levels. She also points out that Garrity has garnered public support from state Rep. Dan Johnson (R-District 4), Cache County Executive David Zook and “other current and former elected officials.”

But Cache County clerk Jess Bradfield – a former member of the Logan City Council — explains that incumbent majors had previously maintained neutrality in city council campaigns in order to avoid the possibility of strained relationships with successful challengers for at-large seats on the municipal panel.

Daines sees no ethical issues, however, with throwing her support to Amy Anderson and López.

“I have a mailer going out soon with an endorsement from Mark Anderson, the chair of the City Council,” she explains. “In my first run for mayor four years ago, I had endorsements from former Mayor Randy Watts and former council member Dean Quayle.

“I have a good working relationship with all of the city council members and that will be important to getting things done if the voters choose me for a second term,” Daines admits. “That’s why I support Amy and Ernesto for reelection.”

Garrity acknowledges that he has a history of crossing swords with city officials and council members, most recently over the issue of district representation replacing at-large membership on the municipal panel.

“My intent has always been to promote a marketplace of ideas, encourage healthy debate and ensure that all voices are heard from across the city,” he explains. “I recognize that sharing these perspectives has sometimes resulted in disagreements.

“It would probably be easier to keep the peace – and maybe even earn myself an endorsement — by being agreeable. While that might be what’s best for my own self-interest, I don’t think it would be best for the long-term interests of the city or its residents.”

Amy Anderson was elected to the city council in 2017, emerging successfully from a crowded field of 10 candidates.

López joined the Logan City Council in October 2020, after being selected to serve out the unexpired term of former council member Bradfield.

Garrity is a community activist whose public service experience includes co-chairing the Woodruff council and representing that neighborhood on the city’s ad hoc Voter District Subcommittee.

Daines, who is now completing her first four-year term as mayor of Logan, is facing off against political newcomer Dee Jones in the November municipal election.

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