Val Potter, file photo.

LOGAN — Because of redistricting, what has been House District 3 will become District 2 and the current Republican primary election locally is all about deciding the Republican nominee for the District 2 race.

Ballots go out starting Tuesday for the race between incumbent Mike Petersen and former state lawmaker Val Potter.

Potter was on KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, and said the campaign is going well.

“We’ve had some good people helping, my wife and I have done a lot to get the word out, talk to people about what my plans are, what I hope to do, some of the changes we feel need to be made in House District 2.” he said.

Potter said growth continues to be a hot topic among voters and something he was involved with during his previous stint as a state representative.

“When I was there, there was some discussion, I was on the housing affordability commission, assigned by the speaker, and I learned a lot there. There(are)some major growth issues happening in the state, and if you’re ignoring that, or you’re trying to blow that off, I think you’re doing some damage to the people you’re there to serve. I think in the last two years, the legislature is finally recognizing that these growth issues are for real, as a body they’re seeing that and they’re making some positive moves in the right direction, I feel.”

Potter said that agriculture, water and issues like that are becoming front-line issues.

He is taking part in what he calls a ‘solo debate’ on Friday because his opponent, Representative Petersen would not accept the invitation to have a debate with him.

But, Potter says, it will be an opportunity for him to answer some questions and to explain why he wants to serve in this capacity again.

For more information: or his campaign Facebook page: Val Potter for Utah House.


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