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I walked into the old folks’ home and asked where Jeb would be. The attendant pointed, “Down the hall in room two twenty-three.”

Jeb’s room was dimly lit, and he was sitting in his chair. I said, “Mind if I come in, Jeb?” I got a cold, blank stare.

“Well, Jeb,” I said, “Today’s your day. You’ve just turned ninety-nine. You’re older than any other here, but I think you’re looking fine.”

Jeb looked at me. His eyes lit up. He was listening, after all. He asked, “How do you know my name? Your face, I don’t recall.”

I answered, “I’m called Traveler, and I’m here to take you home. The good Lord gave that name to me. I’m always on the roam.

“I’d like to celebrate with you this very special day. We’re going to have a party. You’re the star in every way .

“Today will be your birthday and reunion, all in one. You’ll be with your sweet Becky before this day is done.

“Do you remember good old Stump? Your dog that lost a leg? He said to tell you he’ll be there without his wooden peg.

“He said he knows how hard you tried to carve one from a stick. But now he’s running on all fours. His legs work pretty slick.

“Your best friend, Joe, will be there, too. Been waiting for this day. He’s laid the cards and checkers out and hopes you’ll want to play.

“You’ll be with friends and family who have waited long for you. A birthday and reunion happens only to a few.

“And when this day is over, and you’re feeling like a ride, your cowboy friends will saddle up. They’ll be there by your side.

“Your aches and pains will all be gone. You’ll feel like you’re brand new. The cane you’ve used for all these years? Now it’s no use to you.

“The good Lord said to tell you (‘cuz we are in cahoots) that He knows you are a cowboy, so don’t forget your boots.

“I know that you are wondering if this all is really true. You bet it is. It’s heaven, and it’s meant for guys like you.”

“Well,” Jeb replied, “I’m ready for this next part of my life. And, by the way, let’s step it up. I want to hug my wife.”

I took Jeb’s hand. “You’ve left your mark and sealed your earthly fate. Let’s get to that reunion now. We don’t want to be late.”

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