Source: CVDaily Feed

If you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social media platform, no doubt you’ve seen them. They are memes (meems). On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, locally-based marketing professional Jessica Dunyon explained what a meme is.

“A meme is a picture that has a phrase on it. It could be a complete sentence, it could be a rhyme, it’s usually something witty. It’s usually a picture with text super-imposed over the top. It’s usually in all caps, and it’s usually intended to be funny, to make a point. They’re typically viral because it’s really easy to share photos”, she said.

This year there seem to be many memes having to do with politics or politician.

“If campaigns or companies (or individuals) aren’t managing their brands, somebody else is. Especially in politics, you’ll see the most unflattering pictures in the world taken of the candidates. And not just presidential candidates, candidates for any political office and people will superimpose the text over the top.”

Dunyon said that with Hilary Clinton’s recent illness and her campaign not appearing to be forthcoming about what’s going on, people make up their own stories and those get shared across Twitter. In fact, there are accounts on Twitter that publish nothing but memes. She said memes, many times, are used strictly for entertainment.