Source: CVDaily Feed

MURRAY, Utah – Gas prices may be down, but that hasn’t stopped Utah motorists from buying electric cars.

For those considering that transportation option, several models will be on display in Murray on Saturday, in celebration of National Drive Electric Week.

Event organizer Josh Edson, who drives and sells the all-electric Nissan Leaf, learned the stereotype about who may be interested in rechargeable cars is misleading.

“I thought most of my sales would be to people who were all about the environment,” he says. “But interestingly, it’s come down to a financial standpoint.”

Edson found that even when gas prices are low, it’s still just pennies a month to drive electric vehicles, plus there are no maintenance expenses for oil changes, fuel or air filters. The Nissan Leaf, several Tesla models and homemade electric vehicles will be on display on Saturday.

According to Edson, electric cars not only bring peace of mind for the wallet – there’s a peaceful aspect to driving one.

“The car itself has about 97 percent less moving parts than a gasoline car,” he says. “It’s just so quiet.”

He adds that electric cars work best in two-car families, because most of the electric models are not built for long road trips or hauling trailers.

Saturday’s event goes from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Tim Dahle Nissan, on South State St. in Murray.