Source: CVDaily Feed

SALT LAKE CITY – It’s one of your biggest purchases, and it could be your biggest headache. The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) reports that auto issues are the top consumer complaint for 2012.

CFA director of consumer protection Susan Grant said false advertising for new and used cars, and towing disputes are among the many problems.

“Auto repairs aren’t made properly. Used cars are sold that are total lemons, but because they’re ‘as-is,’ the consumer can’t do anything about it,” she explained.

CFA collected reports from consumer agencies across the country to compile its “Top 10 List” of consumer complaints. Problems with home improvement projects, banks and utilities also made the list.

In Utah, the Division of Consumer Protection said debt collectors are another frequent source of complaints.

Grant noted that people still dealing with the fallout from the Great Recession or other economic troubles all too often become victims of scams.

“They’re vulnerable to all kinds of abuses, from dirty collection tactics to people claiming that they’re going to give them a loan or fix their credit or save their home from foreclosure for a fee up-front,” Grant said.

The complete list of complaints, along with tips for avoiding common consumer problems, can be found on the CFA website,