Source: CVDaily Feed

SMITHFIELD — Several homes were temporally evacuated late Monday night, after a car hit a natural gas line at 660 South Main.

Jon and Joyce Pitcher said they had just gone to bed when they heard the sound of a vehicle driving across their neighbor’s yard and striking the corner of their home.

Smithfield City Police Chief Johnny McCoy said 24-year-old Jason Reed was driving a Dodge Charger southbound, when he swerved across the road, through the northbound lane, striking the corner of the Pitcher’s home.

“The vehicle initially hit a tree at 610 South,” said McCoy. “It traveled along the grass, parallel to the road until it swerved slightly and then hit the gas meter on the side of the house at 660 South Main.”

Smithfield City Police and Fire both responded to the accident just after 10:30 p.m.

McCoy said drowsy driving may have been the cause of the accident.

“Apparently the driver may have fallen asleep,” said McCoy. “He told the officer that he was fine and then he woke up as he was driving over the curb.”

Reed sustained a minor head injury and was treated at the scene by paramedics. No one in the home was injured.

Neighboring homes had to be evacuated until the natural gas line was shutoff.