Source: CVDaily Feed

PROVIDENCE – A ribbon cutting was held Monday morning for the grand re-opening of a road that connects Highway 165 in Providence to Highway 89/91 in Logan. The 13-month project, located on 1700 South between the two highways, involved Logan, Providence, and Cache County and was funded by six different sources. The project was completed under budget.

“The project included the reconstruction of the diversion structure, the piping of a portion of the canal that was a safety hazard to the traveling public, the complete replacement of an inadequate bridge, the installation of flood mitigation structures, access improvements, a trail connecting Bear River Park to Highway 165 and a much safer roadway for the increased volume of traffic that utilizes it,” said Cache County Executive Lynn Lemon.

Providence Mayor Don Calderwood said it was a pleasure to be a part of a project that involved different agencies and cities working together for the same cause.

“This is what being neighborly is all about,” he said. “It was neighborly from the federal government, from the county, from the city, from different groups that work within them.”

Cache Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sandy Emile gave credit to the leadership in Cache Valley for working together and having the vision to get the projects the valley needs done.

“A lot of people said, ‘Why are you doing a ribbon cutting on a road?’ Well I think all of you know,” she said. “You live, you work, you play in this valley and if we can’t get around on our roads we can’t get much of any place. You don’t fly in and out of the valley. You don’t come in and out of this valley on a train. Roads are how we live. Roads make a difference in how we get our goods in the valley, get our goods out of the valley.”