FILE PHOTO: Sunrise over the towns of Millville and Providence in Cache Valley.

NORTH LOGAN – Several neighborhoods and communities in Cache Valley are listed among the best in which to live across the entire state of Utah. A new report by Niche took a look at the best places to live in Utah, comparing a multitude of factors like cost of living, quality of public schools nearby, crime rate and more.

North Logan ranked 9th on the list, followed by River Heights at 10th, among Utah’s top neighborhoods and communities. Seven of the top 10 were neighborhoods in or communities very near Salt Lake City, with Park City (7th), North Logan (9th) and River Heights (10th) rounding out the top 10.

Northern Utah communities which cracked the top 100 in 2022:

9 – North Logan (population 10,711)
10 – River Heights (population 2,162)
29 – Hyde Park (population 4,578)
37 – Nibley (population 6,819)
45 – Smithfield (population 11,373)
46 – Millville (population 2,045)
51 – Benson (population 1,468)
52 – Hyrum (population 8,224)
58 – Wellsville (population 3,757)
63 – Logan (population 50,863)
68 – Perry (population 4,971)
91 – Brigham City (population 19,150)
94 – Willard (population 1,745)

The study looked at a variety of factors to determine the rankings of each neighborhood including:

  • General cost of living – Based on the consumer price index and access to affordable housing.
  • Higher Education Rate – Percentage of residents who have received a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Housing Grade -Home values, property taxes, housing costs, local schools and more.
  • Public Schools – Average K-12 Overall Grade for every public school in the area, weighted by the number of students it serves.
  • Family Grade – School quality, safety and family-friendly living.
  • Diversity – Ethnic, generational and economic diversity.
  • Crime and Safety – The number of violent and property crime rates.
  • Job Market – Employment rates, job/economic growth and cost of living.
  • Health and Fitness Grade – Community health statistics and access to healthcare.
  • Outdoor Activities Grade – Weather, air quality and access to parks and other recreational opportunities.
  • Walkability Grade – Proportion of residents that walk or bike, along with proximity of amenities and density of development.
  • Weather Grade – Number of sunny days, precipitation and average temperatures in an area.

To check out the full methodology on determining the best places to live in Utah and across the U.S., click here.

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