Source: CVDaily Feed

The 2016 tax year has just been closed and Cache County Assessor Kathleen Howell said it has been an extremely busy year. In her report to the Cache County Council on Tuesday, Howell said more residential homes were appraised than have ever been appraised in one year and she called it a “hot market.”

“We are back, based on sales, to our pre-recession values, and then some. We see homes being listed and three days later they are under contract, oftentimes for more than they were listed for. We are in a hot market right now. The same thing is happening in new growth, new construction.”

Howell says this good news does not mean that property taxes will be going down. In fact, she said most people will see some increase when their tax notices arrive this month.

Howell told council members the Assessors office reviewed all residences in the county that were built between 1990 and 2005.