LOGAN — Jon-David Jorgensen is a candidate for Cache County Council. He rode a wave in April of what could be described as anti-incumbent sentiment at the Cache Republican Nominating Convention. 

He returned to KVNU’s For the People program on Monday and said that seemed to be the case

“There’s hundreds of different delegates that voted from each of their own neighborhoods, and I was able to speak with just about every single delegate in the north district. (I) had a lot of conversations, got some insight from them, why did they run and what were their concerns and it got to the point where I would just call people and ask or when I met with them in person, would just ask – how do you think the county’s doing? And I got to expect the answer ‘it’s a mess,’” Jorgensen explained.

He said there was definitely frustration that was expressed, whether or not the current elected officials were reflecting well on and matching the constituents, the voters. He talked about his approach.

“I think it’s about style and approach in many ways, something that a lot of people have expressed to me is thanking me for making an issue of ‘hey, let’s have an opportunity, if people have concerns to go have a general public comment period at the beginning of our county council meetings.’

“We allow that in our, I believe, every town and city, and that’s how representative government works. You hear from people, and so a lot of people said ‘I want to be able to give my two cents.’”

Jorgensen said voters want to know how the council will deal with issues such as growth and planning for things like the proposed western bypass that’s been talked about. He said as far as business is concerned, he would like to put the brakes on giving incentives to companies to come into the valley.

“And what I mean by that is, I take the conservative approach of not picking winners and losers in the economy,” Jorgensen explained. “So, I’m not a big fan, and some people don’t like this, but I’m not a big fan of subsidizing businesses to be able to move in.”

He said Cache Valley has a great economy, great workers and entrepreneurs and it needs to be more equal.

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