Source: CVDaily Feed

A legislative investigation into former Attorney General John Swallow involved 17 investigations and 10 attorneys working for 9,300 hours in at least three states. A Republican, Swallow resigned late last year but denied any wrongdoing.

Cache County Republican Party Chairman Danny Brownell said, unfortunately, in politics you are always going to have some people who are sub-par.

“That’s what happens,” Brownell said on a recent KVNU Crosstalk program. “In this particular case I think power just got the best of him.

“It’s still out for the public to decide on that, what they really think about John Swallow. But what I’ve read is that he did some things that he shouldn’t have done.”

Brownell said the Swallow report talks abut ethics and all the things you shouldn’t do in politics and he hopes that lessons have been learned on the local, state and national levels.