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SALT LAKE CITY – Sagebrush country on public lands throughout the West will be managed nearly 100 different ways based on what’s best for each area.

The Bureau of Land Management presented its final set of plans for restoration, firefighting, habitat restoration, development, recreation and grazing in conjunction with the announcement that greater sage-grouse would not be listed under the Endangered Species Act. Utah’s work on sagebrush landscape improvement on state and private land was noted.

“The Records of Decision that the Bureau of Land Management has come out with are a significant step in bringing a responsible balance to development across the West and conservation of the sage-grouse,” said Ken Rait, public-lands director at The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert said he is “deeply concerned” about the plans, adding that the state is not satisfied with them.

Matt Holloran, chief scientist for Wildlife Management Research Support, said this is the largest conservation program ever undertaken by the BLM.

“We have advanced how we look and deal with conservation issues,” he said. “So, a collaborative nature, the scale, and we see a stronger adherence to the science.”

There are 98 separate plans covering 10 states, each one crafted based on local input.

Plan details are online at