Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — Utah State has released the name of the 24-year-old student, killed Monday night in a bicycle accident, on Old Main Hill. Tim Vitale, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at USU, said the student was Eric Scott Anderson of West Jordan.

Anderson was riding his bike down Old Main Hill, when he hit a “slackline” that had been set up between some trees, near the south-west part of the hill.

The slackline, similar to a tightrope, had been set up by a group of individuals, according to a press release from USU Emergency Management.

Vitale said it appeared Anderson turned off the sidewalk, rode through the small grove of trees and didn’t see the line that had been set up.

The accident occurred at 4:58 p.m. Officers from Logan City and Utah Highway Patrol responded to the accident. Anderson was taken to Logan Regional Hospital where he pronounced dead.

Anderson was a music major who played trumpet and was a member of USU’s marching band.

USU President Stan Albrecht said, “our hearts go out to Eric’s family and friends. This is an extremely tragic event, and we offer our sincere condolences to the family and to all the young people involved in this terrible accident.”

Police are continuing to investigate. Vitale said USU will also conduct their own investigation, but for now the school is focused on Anderson’s family and the others involved in the accident.

“At this point we are keeping our eyes on what’s most important and that is sending condolences to the family and to all the young people involved in the accident,” said Vitale. “If anything happens down the road, it will come down the road. At this point we are just standing by the family and friends and all others involved.”

Slacklining is an outdoor hobby where people try balancing on nylon or polyester webbing, anchored between two points.

Vitale said there is no school policy against setting up slacklines on campus. “There was no violation of school policy. It appears this was a tragic accident at this point.”