Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — A 45-year-old Rocksprings, Wyoming man has been ordered to stand trial on first-degree felony sodomy charges and remain in the Cache County Jail on a $200,000 bail.

During a preliminary hearing Wednesday, 1st District Court Judge Brian Cannell ruled there was enough evidence to hold Trevor Paul Vanoostendorp over for trial.

Vanoostendorp is accused of sexually assaulting a North Logan woman he met online and had a relationship with the past year.

During the two-day hearing, the alleged victim testified of how she was assaulted and raped by Vanoostendorp on February 14. She said the assault occurred after she mistakenly cashed a $1000 check, he had made out to her.

The prosecution played several recorded pretext phone conversations between the alleged suspect and victim. During those calls, Vanoostendorp demanded that the woman refer to him as “sir,” and wouldn’t allow her to question him. He also threatened her saying she was going to have “physical marks” on her body, when he got to her home.

Vanoostendorp’s defense attorney argued that the alleged assault was part of a dominatrix role-playing fantasy that the couple engaged in. He said the suspect would play the role of master and the victim would be the servant.

The attorney said the couple continued to have an intimate relationship after the alleged assault.

Judge Cannell scheduled a four-day trial to begin August 18 and ordered Vanoostendorp to appear again in court July 16 for a pretrial conference.