Source: CVDaily Feed

The opening of the 2015 Utah Legislature is less than two weeks away and Wednesday was the day top Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate were supposed to outline their priorities.

Rep. Curt Webb, R-District 5, is sponsoring several bills and one has to do with access to Bear Lake.

Webb says former Rep. Rhonda Menlove passed a bill two years ago designed to make sure people had permits to launch boats at Bear Lake.

“They threw into that, as well, some restrictions on access,” Webb says. “But the sovereign lands people who are a part of the Department of Natural Resources devised a plan that, based on that, severely restricted people’s ability to go down with their cars, to drop off people, and take their picnic equipment down there.

“All of that stuff has resulted in a real uproar over there.”

Webb says his bill would restore the kind of access that previously existed at the lake before that bill was passed.