With summer here, off-roading enthusiasts are out exploring the backcountry. A recent guide from onX Offroad ranks the top states in the U.S. for off-roading, with Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming standing out for their extensive and varied trails.

Utah is rated as the second-best state for off-roading overall, with an off-roading score of 87.4 out of 100. The state boasts 1,124 trails, second only to Arizona. Utah also ranks high in trail difficulty variety and seasonal availability, making it a top choice for off-roaders looking for both easy and challenging routes. Notable trails include the Golden Spike Auto Tour and the Transcontinental Railroad Byway, spanning 96.4 miles.

Idaho is ranked sixth overall, with a score of 51. The state features 574 off-roading trails, placing it fifth in trail quantity. It is known for both easy and difficult trails, including the Magruder Corridor, which extends 146.3 miles. Idaho’s diverse terrain makes it a prime destination for off-roaders of all skill levels.

Wyoming ranks 29th, with a score of 27.9. The state is noted for its scenic and long trails, such as the South Big Horn/Red Wall Scenic Backway, which stretches 99.6 miles. Wyoming’s varied landscape provides a unique off-roading experience, despite its lower ranking in trail quantity and seasonality.

Top States and Trails:

  • Most Trails: Arizona (1,169), Utah (1,124), Colorado (838), Idaho (574)
  • Most Easy Trails: Utah (726), Arizona (719), Colorado (486), Idaho (397)
  • Most Difficult Trails: Colorado (94), Utah (74), California (65), Idaho (29)
  • Best for Summer: Utah (980), Colorado (743), Arizona (705)

Longest Trails in the U.S.:

  • Dalton Highway, Alaska: 517.8 miles
  • Pony Express Trail, Nevada: 487.1 miles
  • Georgia Traverse, Georgia: 390.8 miles

For off-roading enthusiasts, these rankings provide insights into the best destinations. Whether seeking easy rides or challenging terrains, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming offer diverse and exceptional off-roading experiences.

For this study, onX Offroad gathered data on all off-roading trails in each state. Specifically, this data includes trail name, technical difficulty, length, and best seasons for the trail. 

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