Utah is currently experiencing a significant drought this year and Utah Division of Water Resources has redesigned their website to help residents conserve water,

SALT LAKE CIY – Gov. Spencer J. Cox has issued a new Executive Order declaring a state of emergency due to continued drought conditions. This declaration allows drought-affected communities, agricultural producers and others to continue the process that may provide access to state or federal emergency resources.

Utah Division of Water Resources has launched a new water conservation website to help all Utahns conserve water on their lawns.

Following the website’s direction can help residents know how much water to use on their lawns. The weekly lawn watering guide can be found from the main menu of the new site: https://conservewater.utah.gov/weekly-lawn-watering-guide/

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The Watering Guide is a great tool that, if followed, will help stretch the water supply.

By eliminating one watering saves about 3,000 gallons for the average quarter-acre yard.

To customize watering for your area, the Division of Water Resources publishes a Weekly Lawn Watering Guide on their Facebook page and online that recommends watering based on weather patterns and evapotranspiration rates in each county.

The guide takes extensive data and simplifies it into how many days to water each week. (Microclimates may require adjustments to your watering schedule.)

With the entire state experiencing a drought, watering efficiently is more critical than ever. Follow the guide to help save water, money and avoid the problems that can accompany overwatering.

UDWR estimate that Utah could save more than 20 billion gallons of water every summer if everyone were to water according to the guide. They also want homeowners to make sure your sprinklers are property adjusted to water plants, not pavement.

Using water wisely is always recommended, but this year with the state experiencing a drought its critical.

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