Stormy Daniels’ former attorney Keith Davidson testified that he continued to work with Trump’s then-attorney Michael Cohen after the 2016 election.

“He sent me work,” Davidson said, before clarifying.

“He sent me a non-paying client,” Davidson said, prompting at least two jurors to laugh.

“Our relationship changed over time,” Davidson said of Cohen.

Davidson testified that he believed Cohen was secretly recording him in 2018.

“It was a very structured conservation, which wasn’t really his [style],” Davidson said, recounting that Cohen is normally “all over the place.”

“That led me to believe I was being recorded,” Davidson said.

The defense was attempting to introduced a recorded phone call between Cohen and Davidson in which Davidson said, “Sometimes people get settler’s remorse” in connection with the Stormy Daniels hush payment

Bove, Davidson, and Judge Merchan put on headphones to listen to the evidence before it was admitted.

“You were talking about Stormy Daniels with Michael Cohen in March 2018?” Bove asked.

“It certainly appears to be, yes,” Davidson responded.

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