LOGAN — Another challenger to Utah First District congressman Blake Moore is Tina Cannon. She was an in-studio guest last week on KVNU’s For the People program and agreed that primaries are one of the most healthy components of a democracy.

The way I’ve always looked at it, I’ve never been in a race that wasn’t contested, and I think it’s good for everyone because when you’re making those decisions, you need to be able to go back to the people that elected you. When you’re in a contested race, you have to put in writing, in words, you have to say it out loud, what you believe, why you believe it and then when you take your vote you’re reminded of it, and people can hold you to that,” she said.

Cannon said it can be difficult to take on an incumbent, your schedule is no longer your own and it’s hard on your family.  She explained why she decided to run.

“He beat me by seven votes at convention, that’ll haunt you. At the time I ran against him I didn’t know he didn’t live in the district, because he ran as an Ogden boy.  His address for his campaign was in Ogden, so we assumed he lived in Ogden still.  I had no idea he hadn’t lived in Ogden in 20 years, well now it’s longer than that, 22, 24 years since he’s lived in Ogden. So, when that came out, and there were several articles written about it, he promised that he would move into the district, and then he didn’t.”

Cannon said, instead, Moore threw Better Boundaries (supporting independent redistricting) under the bus and campaigned for Salt Lake to included in the district because he lived 35 miles outside of his district.

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