Source: CVDaily Feed

If you drive through Logan Canyon, US-89 to Bear Lake, you will find yourself greeted by a 20 foot tall snowman at the Tony Grove turnoff. Yes 20 feet!

Paul Sorenson and friends are the creative team behind this almost-yearly event. Sorenson was interviewed on KOOL 103.9 and said they started building the snowman about 9 a.m. Saturday 9 and ended at 3 p.m. He said that several people either stopped to see what was going on or honked their horn as the group was working.

Sorenson said that the snowman has been a tradition since 2010.  Last year there wasn’t enough snow.

Those who helped on this year’s project inculded several relatives: Steve, Kevin Chad, Scott, Cody and Talon Sorenson. Friends helped out, too including Jason Waterson and son, Dave Belnap, Roy Savage, Rorey Lutz, Jacob Lutz, Bob Lowe and his family. Along with a lot of kids

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