The off-beat musical comedy ‘The Addams Family’ will debut Friday at the Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City for the third consecutive year with performances slated from Sept. 24 to Oct. 23.

GARDEN CITY – It will be old home week at the Pickleville Playhouse when the rustic theater’s third annual production of the musical The Addams Family debuts on Friday.

That’s because the majority of the acclaimed members of the show’s 2020 cast are returning for this current Halloween go-around.

Director Derek Davis will return as Gomez, the debonair but wildly off-center titular head of the haunted Addams family.

As before, the director’s real-life wife – Whitley Osborne Davis – will again portray his stage wife, Morticia Addams.

The irresistible Kenzie Davis is also back, but sadly not in her usual role as the love-struck but still slightly homicidal Wednesday Addams. She is stepping out of the spotlight this year to appear as one of the ghostly ancestors in the show’s singing and dancing ensemble.

Replacing Kenzie Davis in that starring role is Katelyn Walsh, who wowed Pickleville audiences this past summer in leading roles in Peter Pan and the melodrama Becoming a Bona Fide Bad Guy.

Pickleville veteran Slater Ashenhurst will return to play Wednesday’s dim-bulb love-interest Lucas. Ashenhurst is well known to Bear Lake summer audiences for his previous portrayals of the villainous Jacques Javier in the Davis clan’s musical melodramas.

The towering James Case will also be returning to the Pickleville stage with his deadpan but hilarious impersonation of Lurch, the Addams family’s undead butler.

Also back for the Halloween production are Hayden Davis as the precocious masochist Pugsly, Andrea Davis as the demented Grandma Addams and Shayne Taylor as Lucas’ stuffed-shirt father.

The husband and wife team of Angie and Dan Call will also be reprising their roles as the downtrodden dinner guest Alice and the moon-struck Uncle Fester from the 2020 production of The Addams Family.

Rounding out the cast as corpses who can still shake a leg are newcomers Camden Neal, Randy Campo and Shari Davis King.

Although this third annual production of The Addams Family is being staged due to audience demand, Derek Davis has adamantly pledged that this Halloween season will be the last chance for local residents to see the popular musical comedy.

Yeah, right.

The Addams Family will have an extended run from Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 at the Pickleville Playhouse.

Evening performances of the spooky musical are slated for Fridays and Saturdays during that period. Matinees are also scheduled for each Saturday afternoon.

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