Current Logan Fire Station at 76 E 200 North.

LOGAN — On her monthly Speak to the Mayor program on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, Logan Mayor Holly Daines brought a guest, Logan Fire Chief Brad Hannig.

We’re coming up on fireworks season and Hannig said locally, people last year, were very aware of the extreme drought conditions and they more responsible in their actions.  He talked about the restrictions for this year.

We’ve really kind of closed that restricted area even further this year because we’re worried about the inherent danger, especially the bench areas. So we’ve moved that line from 16th (east) down to 12th (east), mostly across Logan city, to ensure that we’re prepared for this next year,” said Hannig.

Mayor Daines said she encourages residents to look carefully and all the firework vendors do have to have maps showing the areas that are outlawed for fireworks.

“Because we have changed those boundaries some again, the state legislature sort of gives that authority to city councils to determine what areas are of concern, typically they’re, of course, the wildland interface areas where we could go up the mountains or where there’s a lot of open lands. So, there are some areas on the west side of town as well that are off limits for fireworks,”  she explained.

Whittled down from a list of about a dozen potential sites for a new fire station, they have settled on an area just to the north of the main administrative fire station location.

The property across the street to the north would have the least effect on emergency response times.

Chief Hannig explained, “that’s probably the most minimal, right?  Because during construction, and if you try to do it in the same location, you have those disruptions for service. And the way we deploy here locally that was going to be very impactful. So, moving across the street really changes the response times, actually because we’re moving closer to (100) East and we’ll have immediate access and so through the parking lot, it actually does increase, in some instances, some of our response time.”

Hannig said the current building was built in about 1974 so it’s nearing 50 years old. Daines said one big factor is safety and accessibility during a natural disaster.

“And our biggest concern is the seismic stability of that building as it’s aged. There are some seismic issues and if you do have the earthquake happen, and again I think this was really brought home to me when Magna had that significant earthquake. I just thought ‘wow- if we have that here in Logan city/ Cache county area and we don’t have access to our  fire station, we can’t get our personnel out, we can’t get our equipment out, that’s a problem.”

A new fire station is needed too because of the growth of the department, which includes being able to accommodate female firefighters. Also, the administration is bigger than it was in 1970’s.

Hannig said they are busting at the seams and replacing the building is long overdue.

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