Source: CVDaily Feed

The $1.2 million da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, recently unveiled at Logan Regional Hospital, has already completed eight surgeries, all hysterectomies, with all patients returning home the next day.

“It’s really going to expand our services here,” said Kim Klinkowski, Surgical Services Director at Logan Regional Hospital. “Our surgeons will be performing surgeries that can now be done minimally invasive with the robot versus an open procedure.

“For example a prostatectomy will now be done with a robot, making it minimally invasive. Therefore the patient can go home the very next day rather than staying for three or four days to recover from that surgery.”

She said the robot provides the surgeon more dimension in that it has a magnified vision system and provides a 3D-HD view inside the patient’s body.

“So rather than just the straight forward 2D view with a laparoscope or an arthroscope, the robot is able to provide a better picture, better visualization on the things surgeons are seeing.”

The surgeon is in 100 percent control of the da Vinci system at all times, sitting at a console at the patient’s bedside, working through the console to direct the instruments that are inside.

The system provides surgeons the ability to complete gynecologic, urologic and general surgeries with minimally invasive incisions. That is possible using 3D cameras to manipulate instruments that rotate with precision under the surgeon’s control.