Source: CVDaily Feed

Many local residents say the will miss those several hundred seniors who come to Cache Valley each year from warmer states and are fondly referred to as Summer Citizens. Community members gave this year’s visitors a sincere send-off at a luncheon social on Thursday.

Linda D’Addabbo, program coordinator for the Utah State University Summer Citizens program, says it was like, “a new generation” this year because more than 30 percent were here for the first time.

As usual, the Summer Citizens had something to “give back” – two USU scholarships. They awarded one to a Logan High School student and the other to a Mountain Crest High School student.

“It’s an endowment fund that was set up and donated by Summer Citizens,” D’Addabbo explains. “Each year the Summer Citizen registrants are able to contribute to that scholarship fund.

“As it matures and grows we are able to take some of the proceeds off of that and award it back to some deserving high school seniors to begin their career here at Utah State University.”

While here, she said the Summer Citizens have enjoyed Cache Valley’s climate along with its beauty and the diversity of its social, recreational and cultural offerings. She said many signed up for classes and the work produced by the Summer Citizens Camera Club can be seen on the Downtown Gallery Walk on August 12.